Have you gotten a raise at work lately?

For a couple of years, during the Great Recession, it seemed like nobody was getting any extra money, but now, Phil Kirschner, the President of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association says "job security is better and pay raises are back… I think it does depend on the kind of business you're in - and that's across the board…But from what we've seen, pay raises over the last few months averaged around 3 percent - it could be anywhere from 2.7 to 3.2 percent depending on your industry."

Kirscher says, generally speaking, people who work for larger corporations are more likely to get a raise than those who are employed by smaller firms.

"If you have the resources and extra cash, it is a lot easier than if you're struggling with this very tepid economy…If your particular employer is thriving, that's a good sign obviously - but in some areas people are struggling just to get work."

He adds if staff members are planning to ask for a raise, it's always good to "keep track of the value they bring to the company - what they have done, what they've actually accomplished, what they've achieved…If you're in the kind of outfit where a person can stand out - and you think you do - then make your case…I would always keep a list of your accomplishments, achievements - then make a plan and try to pitch it…However, I wouldn't go overboard and ask for a raise triple what everyone else is getting. "