Although the real numbers of unemployment are quite vague, do you think we're in the midst of a New Jersey comeback?

Governor Christie keeps touting that the New Jersey comeback is real and that it is happening. Do you see it? If we're in the midst of a comeback, why are there so many still unemployed? The Democrats think this is a fallback and there is no comeback happening. Economists are saying that the comeback is a possibility. The unemployed people are saying "we don't see it!" So, who do you believe?

Christie has done a great job at stopping the bleeding and gotten the "toes in the door" to stop financial freefall but we still have a long way to go. The fact of the matter is, the only way unemployment services can monitor the number of people without jobs, is by keeping a list of the people filing for unemployment. That doesn't take into account the people that aren't receiving unemployment because it has run out or otherwise.

Jim wants to know if the "Jersey  Comeback" is happening, what exactly are we coming back to? Where were we BEFORE all this in the first place? NJ has been so bad for so long, no one remembers where they were in the first place.

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