It’s not a little ironic that an enterprising duo originally from the Garden State is looking to cash in on the image of Jersey pizza to set up franchise opportunities for their chain of pizzerias in Florida.

In order to do that, they’re using the iconic Garden State Parkway logo to advertise their pizzerias and franchise opportunities.
Again, in Florida.

This in the hopes of luring locals to a product that is world renowned as being the best.
However, the Turnpike Authority isn’t amused, and is suing the duo for copyright infringement, saying, in effect, that to allow them to use the logo might open up a Pandora’s box of others who want to use it to advertise other types of establishments – such as go-go parlors.

I get that we’re noted for our pizza. But are we really known for our go-go lounges too?

Anyway, it brings to mind the question – since by my reckoning you can’t find authentic Jersey pizza anywhere in the world except Jersey – especially Florida, with all due respect to the folks at Jersey’s Boardwalk Pizza – where do you find Jersey’s best?

You may remember a couple of years back we were looking for Jersey’s best slice, and found it to be in Bradley Beach at a place called Del Ponte’s.

For as many Jerseyans as there are here, that’s as many opinions you’ll find as to who has the best.
Del Ponte’s topped the list, followed by Esposito’s in Matawan, and Santillo’s in Elizabeth.

Go ahead and see if you can beat these.