It's no surprise that Governor Christie wants to extend the amount of time New Jersey students spend in schools. Last night at a town hall meeting, he announced that his plans would not affect all schools. 

Facebook, Marlboro K-8 School District

When a 10th grader questioned the governor why she would have to spend more time in school, he replied that his proposal would only apply to underperforming schools.

Would extending the amount of time that kids spend in school actually help students that are struggling? Many argue that it is the curriculum that needs to be changed, not the number of hours children spend in school. Others believe that parents need to be more involved with their children's learning experience, and that students will do better in school because of this.

Christie believes that failing districts will benefit from remaining in school longer, because they will receive the extra help that they need.

Is it really fair to single out schools that are not meeting standards?