Freshman year of college can be an exciting and scary milestone in a student's life. Most kids going away to school don't realize that their parents are just as scared as their kids are. Some parents may even be more worried about the start of college than their children are.

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Students going off to college are nervous about making friends in a new town, keeping up with their studies, and being away from home for the first time. As their time at school goes by, most kids end up loving their school and never want to leave.

While college is a time for students to learn and grow, there are many temptations on campuses that worry parents. College students may fall prey to underage drinking, and other distractions that could jeopardize their grades, or even harm them.

Who do you think has the worst worries when it comes to going to college? Is going away to school scarier for kids, or for the parents sending them off?