Michael Strahan is the latest New York Giant that was inducted in the NFL Hall Of Fame. Now people are asking “Who’s next?” The answer, as far as I’m concerned, is Eli Manning. Jordan Raanan weighs both sides in his NJ.com article.

Personally, regardless of my allegiance to the Giants, I put him in based not so much on his numbers but on his clutch play when the game is on the line. Keep in mind that both of the Giants Super Bowl victories were the result of late fourth quarter drives. Some say he got lucky with the famous David Tyree catch.

I think, to have the ability to get out of what looked like a sure sack and have the composure to make that throw takes all the luck out of it. As a quarterback, you want to give your receiver a chance to make a play and both Eli and David did exactly that. But if you’re going for throwing perfection, then look no further than Super Bowl XLVI and his throw to Mario Manningham in that final drive.

Let’s not forget to get to those two Super Bowls, Eli had to beat Brett Farve in sub zero weather in Green Bay, and then Aaron Rogers there as well. There was also the 49ers in San Francisco in a game reminiscent of the 1990 championship game where both teams left all they had on the field. In the end, it was Eli and the offense left standing.

Say what you will about numbers, but if you’re looking for a quarterback who can respond to pressure with the game on the line and deliver a Super Bowl win, I would say Joe Montana, John Elway, and Eli Manning. The first two are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Would you put Eli in as well?