Ever feel like what defines a romantic relationship is blurred these days? Therapist Liz Mandel called in today to share her thoughts about how dating is changing.

First we discussed dating pet peeves, and Mandel suggested that you shouldn't be so concerned with turning someone off because your quirky traits can help you stand out.

According to her, you should have a different goal during your first interactions with someone. "It's about leaving a lasting impression on someone, because that will allow you to take a closer look at someone and allow you to decide whether or not you want to see them again."

When asked whether casual dating is hurting millennials, she acknowledged that there are pros and cons to different approaches.

"On one hand, there’s something to be said about the process of traditional dating," Mandel said. Picking out clothes, picking up your date, and being selective about where and what you eat, for example, are all indicators of a person's romantic interest level.

"When you lose that and kind of bypass the whole process of the date and say, 'Let’s just come over and hang out,' it kind shows your investment in the potential relationship. It kind of shows where you are in that place in your life- whether or not you’re ready to make room for someone in your life," she added.

Mandel also had some interesting views on how men and women should approach one another, suggesting men should be less aggressive in their quest for sex, and that women should approach guys to find out whether they enjoy casually hanging out together.

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