With the June 30th deadline looming to have a new state budget in place, Governor Christie is making one final push to pressure Legislators to approve a tax cut plan.

The Governor says to keep the New Jersey Comeback going and help small businesses grow and prosper, we need to lower our tax rates and become more competitive because in neighboring Pennsylvania, "They have a 3 percent income tax - our top rate is 9 percent - I mean that's a 6 percent difference that you have to deal with when paying your taxes- as a cost of doing business."

He says, "That's why I continue to push for lower tax rates…We are competing in a tough economy with all of our neighbors - with Delaware with Pennsylvania, with New York, with Connecticut - and right now of all those states we have the highest tax rates - if we have the highest tax rates and people have choice as to where to give their business or where they're going to establish their business, what do you think they're going to do? They're going to go to the place where they can keep the most of their own money."

Christie adds, "Governor Kean told me when he was Governor for 8 years, they were 8 great years- that we had under Governor Kean - his goal was always to keep our tax rates just this much lower than all of our neighbors- so he could make the argument - come here, you'll get a better deal - we have given that away - we've given it away - we're now the worst - and as I try to push it back, all I hear is - no, no we can't afford to do that…we can't afford to give you any of your money back."

The Governor's plea to Jersey residents is, "Support us in trying to lower your tax rates- so that more of that money- you don't have to spend it on taxes, you can keep it and invest it in your business, and lower your prices even, and make yourself more competitive with other companies in your business…We've got these Corzine democrats who say we can't afford tax cuts…But you gotta stand up and say it's time for them to start returning some of your money to you…We cannot afford the government we have, and we have to make it smaller…we need these people to get with the program."