In tipping, the rule of thumb for me was always to give 20% of the bill before taxes.

However, that would change when it came to delivering something to the house, or if a service person came over to perform a task like fixing the washing machine.
In that case, maybe a 5 or a 10 spot, depending on the extent of the job would suffice.

So here we have the story of a guy who delivers 85 pizzas worth 15 hundred dollars, and in return, gets a 10 dollar tip.

In Ray’s world, 10 bucks is plenty.

If I had to go with the 20 percent rule, I’d be into the guy for 300 bucks.

Not gonna fly.

So, according to this:

A driver's lousy tip for delivering nearly $1,500 in pizzas is causing a firestorm of comments on social media websites.

A picture of the receipt was posted by Reddit user jfastman on Tuesday and has more than 155,000 views. About 2,000 people have commented on the far-from generous tip.

"My friend delivers 85 pizzas today and was tipped 10 bucks," the user posted in the headline.

The picture shows the pizza total came to $1,453.93. The receipt was cut off so it's unclear where this occurred.

Hyun Jin, associate professor of marketing at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, suggests using his personal rule of tipping 20 percent plus for food delivered. However, there are exceptions, Jin says.

"A one trip delivery , maybe one or two pizza boxes, totaling $20, I would typically tip $5. But if I apply my personal rule in this case, that amount would be huge," Jin said.

The tip in this case would be almost $300 in this case if one were to use Jin's personal rule.

The $10 tip in this case was 0.0069 percent of the pizza order's total.

Others weren't so compassionate.

One former pizza worker said that his store delivered 200 pizzas every Friday to area schools. "We used large bags that carried eight bags at a time, and we were never tipped.

Comes with the territory," the man wrote. "Judging by that, it took this driver about five trips to bring in all the pies. Ten bucks seems more than reasonable. Pizza has never been a tip by percentage business."

Others said the delivery man was shortchanged.

"If I tip $5 for one medium pizza delivered to my door, surely 85 pizzas delivered to a busy downtown area, and the effort it would have taken to load the pizzas into the car, take them to deliver them, the fact that the car was so full of pizza other trips could not be made to other locations, deserves more then $10," one person wrote.