The Mike Rice firing from the Rutgers basketball program has taken center stage as major news , not only in NJ but across the country. Rice's ouster has touched off a heated debate as to what constitutes abusive behavior by a coach?


One of the most famous and talented coaches of all time, Indiana's Bob Knight was fired for his temper and the treatment of his players. Video footage below shows Bob Knight, who was infamous for throwing chairs and being extremely tough on his players, throwing a chair while on the sideline during a game back in the 1980's.

Given the debate about coaching styles, a recent commercial has caused some controversy over coaching behavior.  Bobby Knight and Digger Phelps, both former tough college coaches, star in this commercial where Phelps knocks over a chair and Knight  and says tongue-in-cheek "that's not how you throw a chair." Is it really in poor taste considering the Mike Rice situation or should it be taken as it was meant to be, a joke? You can watch the commercial below.