Yesterday, Dennis and Judi were discussing the passing of NFL great Alex Karras. Dennis and Judi mentioned how Karras played in the NFL but most kids that grew up in the 80's know Karras best for being Emmanuel Lewis' dad on the hit sitcom 'Webster.' Karas also was in the movies 'Blazing Saddles' and 'Victor Victoria' as well. That sparked a conversation as to other NFL greats that made it onto the big screen after leaving football.

Here is the list we came up with and video clips of some of their performances


Joe Namath - 'The Brady Bunch'


Terry Bradshaw - ' The Cannonball Run'


Joe Klecko - 'Smokey & The Bandit'


Fred Dryer - 'Hunter'


Merlin Olsen- 'Little House on the Prairie'


Jim Brown - 'The Dirty Dozen'


Bob Golic - 'Save by the Bell: The College Years'


Michael Strahan - 'Live with Kelly and Michael'


Howie Long - 'Broken Arrow'


Dick Butkus - 'My Two Dads'


Dan Marino - 'Little Nicky'


John Matuszak - 'Goonies'


Bubba Smith - 'Police Academy'


Other notable NFL players that made it to the big screen, Brett Favre, Carl Weathers, Lawrence Taylor and O.J. Simpson. What are some of your memorable moments from football players in either a feature film or television show?