Viki Knox, the public school teacher who tears apart homosexuality on her Facebook page cannot possibly be trusted to fairly implement NJ’s new anti-bullying agenda when applied to a gay or lesbian student victim, and therefore should be terminated.  The gay history month display at her own school which she denounced is there to foster tolerance.  This teacher flat out states on Facebook she refuses to tolerate homosexuality.  Already we’re at odds with school policy, before we even get to “sin” which “breeds like cancer” and talk of Satan and all the other hateful nonsense.  Spare me the lecture on how Facebook isn’t public.  Please.  Parents of students at the very school she teaches read it, thus bringing us to where we are today.  Of course it’s public.  Spare me the hysteria of how they’re “taking away her freedom of speech”.  Nothing is being taken away.  Freedom of speech and freedom of consequences are two different things.

She describes herself as a Jesus Freak.  Amen.  She teaches a bible study class there at Union High School.  Funny how old testament bible thumpers have that buffet mentality; I’ll choose this homophobic passage but I’ll pass on these others, you know, like the stoning to death of disobedient children.  Or does the holy Viki Knox believe the old testament through and through?  Such as Exodus 21: 20-21, which has to do with the slave being the property of the owner?

Freedom Of Speech?

So I’m surprised that a black school teacher wouldn’t see more value in tolerance.  It’s been said that the struggle for acceptance by gays and lesbians is the last frontier of the civil rights movement.  It’s easy to dismiss this as just a “freedom of speech” issue.  However we have compulsory education in this country and Union Township High School is a public high school, which I’m pretty sure Viki Knox realized when applying for the job.  The student body is made up of blacks, and whites, and surely gays and lesbians who have no choice but to attend.  When you think about this case, think about the movie A Time To Kill in which a young lawyer played by Matthew McConaughey defends a black man accused of an emotional revenge murder of two white men who raped his 10 year old daughter and left her for dead on the side of a road.  In a powerful closing argument to the all white jury, the only way the lawyer finds to make them see how they distance themselves from the black father’s outrage is to have them close their eyes as he recounts the horrible attack, the rape of the 10 year old girl, the leaving her at the side of the road to die.  He asks them to imagine this attack, step by step.  In the end, he asks them to finally…imagine the girl were white.

This is what I’d say to Viki Knox and all who feel her job should be perfectly secure after all the hate she’s spewed on Facebook and Twitter.  Imagine this weren’t about gays.  Imagine this were about blacks.

If it were, could you show that kind of hate and be trusted to teach in a public school?  Not IMHO.