HOWELL — As the first puppy rescued from Monmouth County's worst-known case of hoarding was officially adopted on Wednesday, four more dogs were found in the house.

Alania Casha, of Brick, took home a French bulldog mix, the first of the 280 dogs found in the home on Bennett Road. Casha said she has three other bulldogs at home.

"We are so excited! We can't wait to bring this dog and give this dog all the best love and attention we possibly can," Casha said

She has not named the dog yet.

"Something like Lucky or Second Chance or Sunshine," Casha said. "I brought my husband here the other night. He walked in, saw all the dogs and his heart was broken. He wanted to take them all home.

Casha is a special education teacher at Brick High School and brings her students to volunteer in the shelter's laundry room.

"It's really rewarding to come up here and volunteer and donate your time," she said.

The four dogs found this week included a mother who had recently given birth. Officials believe the dog may have run away during last week's rescue operation and returned to the home this week. The dogs were reported by the homeowners, Joseph and Charlene Hendrick, who face possible criminal charges.

Monmouth County SPCA CEO and President Russ Licitra said all the agencies involved with the rescue, including the Monmouth County Mental Health Department, the municipal prosecutor and the Health Department will meet Monday with the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office.

New Jersey 101.5 video by Vin Ebenau

The SPCA had several dogs at a special adoption event on Wednesday night at the Eatontown shelter, which had already been scheduled.  Licitra said the response from the public has been overwhelming.

"All these dogs have to be spayed and neutered" and socialized so they're not scared. Some of the dogs sent to foster families have already started to adjust.

"Most of the animals have short term memories and will be able to move beyond this," Licitra said.

St Hubert's Animal Welfare Center's two locations in Madison and North Branch are housing 42 dogs. Animal Alliance of New Jersey, Father John's Animal House, Second Chance Pet Adoption League, Cold Nose Warm Heart NJ and Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge also took in rescues.

The Associated Humane Society shelter in Tinton Falls, meanwhile, continues to prepare the 60 dogs they took in for adoption and do not expect to have them available for adoption for another few weeks.

"Most of the dogs have never left the home before so this whole ordeal has absolutely terrified them," the shelter said on Facebook.

"These adorable and sweet little dogs have led a lifetime of isolation and have lived in filth and squalor. Once everything settles down for them, we will begin to assess their personalities and work on getting them to overcome their fears. This will take a few weeks so they will not be available for adoption immediately though we are hoping to have them ready for good homes in about a month."

Vin Ebenau contributed to this report