It’s a stark headline…but it gets the point across.

That is…there’s a bill awaiting the Governor’s signature that would effectively ban the slaughter or sale of horses for human consumption sponsored by Assemblyman Ronald Dancer of Plumstead.

in effect saying that horse meat in some cultures is a delicacy and didn’t see anything wrong with it…especially given that many horses here in New Jersey can’t be taken care of adequately.

What to do with them?

Would the “humane” thing be to sell them off for human consumption?

Or to live out their days in pastures set aside specifically for them.

I’ve been wrestling with this since I first posted on it; and have come to the conclusion that, sure, while horsemeat might be a delicacy in some cultures; as is dog meat…we don’t eat it!

And I’d be more than willing to support a ban on the slaughter and sale of horsemeat for human consumption.

The other day there was a story somewhere on line concerning how some South Koreans stay cool. It had to do with consuming dog meat.

No joke.

Again, that’s in South Korea…not here.

And while consuming horse might be a delicacy in France or Japan…I can’t say I know anyone over here that does.

Besides their beauty and majesty, they’re used as therapy animals.

And yes, for our recreation (horseback riding and racing)…something Assemblyman Dancer should know, since his dad was famed horseman Stanley Dancer.

So, should you want to see the Governor sign the bill banning the slaughter and sale of horsemeat for human consumption…follow this link.

And then vote and comment below:

Do you support the ban on the slaughter and selling of horsemeat in New Jersey?