Earlier this week, former Boston Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told NBC News that those responsible for the Boston Marathon attacks should be put to death. New Jersey Assemblyman Ron Dancer wholeheartedly agrees.

Ronald S. Dancer (NJ Legislature)

“The federal government pledged to deliver the ‘full weight of justice,’ and this is a case in which the death penalty is more than appropriate,” says Dancer. “Acts of terror cannot go unanswered, especially when a young life is lost.”

Legislation proposed by Dancer and Assembly Republicans Mary Pat Angelini and Dave Rible, would reinstate the death penalty for those who murder a law enforcement officer, a child or commit a crime of terrorism. The bill was unveiled long before the horrific tragedy in Boston.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this senseless attack on innocent people,” says Dancer. “This tragedy is a heinous assault on life and liberty.”