It’s a movie I could watch 200 times and never get sick of.

“On the Waterfront” starring Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, and Eva Marie Saint will always stand out as a classic among classics.

Taking place on the Hoboken waterfront, the movie depicts the hold the mob had on the docks during the 50s.

I remember watching the movie as a kid with my father – who pointed out to us that one of the dockworkers used as an extra was this guy Tony Craccolicci – who lived in the apartment in front of us.

He was a longtime longshoreman, and used to send me to the candy store to buy him Parodi cigars (or “g”* stinkers as we used to call them.)

(*I’d use the terminology we used at the time, but in today’s politically correct world, you never know who you’re gonna piss off!)

Anyway, what made the film even more special was that it was filmed in black and white – which one would expect since it was so long ago.

Whenever you watch a movie from that period, or even a more recent movie shot in black and white – doesn’t it evoke a certain feeling?

Like you’re watching a true classic.
(Raging Bull, Schlinder’s List, and Young Frankenstein come to mind.)

Do you have a favorite black and white movie - either something from back in the day or of more recent vintage?