Jim was discussing this story this morning. For those of you that enjoy collecting odd pieces of memorabilia and history, a very 'unique' piece of history is up for sale.


You may or may have not seen countless documentaries on Hitler but we doubt any of them pointed out that the toilet from his private yacht,the Aviso Grille actually resides here in the town of Florence. The yacht wound up in a junkyard, being sold off for scraps in the early 1950's and the bowl was purchased by Sam Carlani, who wanted it for a bathroom he was building in his auto repair shop in Florence. That was in 1952. It's been there ever since.

Hitler's only 'throne' still resides at the same auto repair shop, with new owner Greg Kohfeldt saying that he doesn't want to sell it but he's willing to give it to the right buyer if they're willing to pay for a new bathroom for him.

If you're interested in seeing the actual bowl or getting more information on the toilet, just click here to read the full article.