For those of you who listen to New Jersey 101.5 in North Jersey, your ability to tune in to New Jersey 101.5 is being threatened – another station is applying for a license to broadcast at 101.5. That means you'll miss instant weather, traffic updates, breaking news, and, of course, Dennis and Judi (along with the rest of our talk shows).

NJ101.5 tower (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

What a shame, to be denied access to Dennis and Judi up north. Of course, it doesn't have to be that way – head to our #ProtectNJ1015 page to take action in keeping NJ 101.5 on the air in North Jersey. And just to gently nudge you into helping us take action to keep New Jersey 101.5 in North Jersey, check out five hilarious moments from this week from midday hosts Dennis & Judi that North Jerseyans would have missed without NJ 101.5.

5. Fasting With Family

Judi Franco explains the drama of her first meal with her family after fasting for Yom Kippur.

4. I'd Kill Fuh Dat Girl

A man goes all Staten Island on Judi after she merely insinuates the he's under appreciated by his sistert.

3. Ted Florendo

Is Philadelphia's newest television meteorologist secretly a Las Vegas lounge act?

2. I'm An Inside Dog

The air conditioning in the station is being worked on; Dennis makes a list of demands that includes grapes and "harem girls."

1. Knife So Sharp 

Judi saw a sharp knife on a late night commercial. But how sharp is too sharp?

Now, please help keep Dennis and Judi on the air in North Jersey: