You know and love the Dennis & Judi Diner Tour, and now we’re asking you to spread the love at a diner near you!

This year the Dennis & Judi Diner Tour is partnering with PODS© Containers and 180 Turning Lives Around, Inc., of Hazlet, to support female victims of domestic and sexual violence.

By donating the following items at the Red Oak Diner in Hazlet on April 25, and the Peterpank Diner in South Amboy on May 2nd, you can help bring healing and comfort to women in the Bay Shore area and Middlesex County, who have fled their homes to escape abuse.

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    As many women are forced to flee their homes unexpectedly, there is often a desperate need for essentials such as bras, underwear, and socks. Flip flops and sweatsuits are also desired for wear following hospital release.

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    No one should have to worry about their next meal during a recovery. Knowing food is available to themselves and their children after fleeing their homes alleviates stress and provides for basic needs. Nonperishable items such as canned soup, beans, and rice can help these women nurture themselves and their children as they undergo restoration.

    George Doyle/ThinkStock
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    Treatment doesn’t stop after exiting the hospital. First Aid items such as bandaids, antiseptic wash, gauze, and Neosporne are all helpful in treating the aftermath of abuse.

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    Artistic and written expression is often key in recovering from traumatic acts of physical and sexual abuse. non-toxic markers, canvas boards, paint, and journals for therapy sessions, are all items of high demand.

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    Children are often the indirect casualties of their parents’ abusive relationships. Providing generic toys for birthdays helps bring happiness back into a child’s life as their mother recovers.

    Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images