Lillie Huff is an amazing 3 1/2 year old from Toms River NJ who is looking for your help.

National Mobility Awareness

It is National Mobility Awareness Month and in an effort to help raise awareness, we want help get votes for Lillie, who could win a disability van if she is the top vote-getter.

Here is an excerpt telling Lillie's story:

This is Lillie, our beautiful 3 ½ year old little girl. She suffered a rare in utero stroke which caused massive brain damage. As a result, she has been diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Vision Impairment, Respiratory Insufficiency, and Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. She continues to experience multiple seizures each day, which cause even more damage on a daily basis. In the short time Lillie has been with us, she has been hospitalized more than 25 times due to her many serious complications.

Developmentally speaking, Lillie is comparable to a 3-6 month-old child. She is non-mobile, non-verbal, and must be fed through a g-tube. She attends physical therapy 5 times/week, occupational therapy three times/week, and speech therapy 3 times/week. This year she even started school. While I won’t say it was ever easy to transport Lillie, when she was a baby, we could manage. But in spite of herself, Lillie continues to grow like any normal little girl. As she gets bigger and heavier, it has become more and more difficult to manage her into and out of her chair and the car. Without proper transportation, before long, we’ll be unable to get her to all of her necessary appointments.

Lillie has two amazing brothers who love her tremendously. Since her birth, I have had to devote so much time to taking care of her that I have been unable to work. My husband is an amazing man who works so so hard, but with just his modest salary supporting our family of 5, things have been tight. While it pains me to have to ask for help, we are determined to maximize Lillie’s quality of life, and we just don’t have the resources for the kind of transportation that Lillie requires.


To help Lillie Huff from Toms River win a disability van, vote for her as your local hero by clicking HERE to vote.