The weather is offering a hot and sticky reminder that today is the first day of summer. Above 90-degree temperatures are expected through Friday, and on just day one, some New Jersey residents have had enough.

"I think it's completely ridiculous," said Jennifer Rivera at a Middlesex County shopping center. "It was a really mild winter, and now we're in a heat wave."

At the Manalapan Recreation Center earlier today, local Sam DeLuzio was trying to squeeze in a few minutes of tennis before temperatures got too high.

"Everyone's going to suffer today...for the next couple of days," DeLuzio said.

Some folks, though, have learned to accept what nature has to offer. They're just glad it's not winter.

"I wouldn't want the whole summer to be like this, but I can tolerate it for a few days," said shopper Terry Howerdel.

"I love the heat. I don't mind it all," said William Lewis, a groundsman preparing for this evening's Manalapan High School graduation ceremonies.

Nancy DeSimone, a Florida resident, was visiting family in Howell until today. She and her husband were not bothered at all by the heat. In fact, her comments made nearby residents thankful for New Jersey's spot on the map.

"The past few days felt like winter to us," DeSimone said. "This feels normal."