It's bad enough that we have no choice during the holiday season but to indulge our kids with whatever stupid nonsense the toy market "supply" dictates that we do, but on top of it, we gotta see the disappointment on their faces when said stupid nonsense turns out to be junk.

Case in point: The elusive "Hatchimal/"I know. I've been there ... running around for Wiis and Tamagotchis and Furbys and other crap that my kids begged for. And the more unavailable the item, the more the frenzy to make sure they got it. It was like proving yourself as a parent.

Now you got yourself a Hatchimal. Well, you got your kid one, anyway. You begged, pleaded, knocked someone out of the way, slept with your husband's boss, whatever. Somehow you got your hands on one. You patted yourself on the back. Posted your success on Facebook. Instagrammed a bunch of jealous friends. You watched your kid's eyes light up after finding it under the tree.

And it ... doesn't ... hatch.

This is the scenario being played out in a lot of homes this holiday season, since apparently the marketing department of the company who makes 'em is a lot more competent than the quality control department! In the frenzy to get the coolest toy of the season, many parents forget that most of the things we, like sheep, run around trying to procure are just pure unadulterated junk.

Broken or not, they'll end up at the bottom of the same heap of forgotten toys by next year.

Now, I ask you: What's worse to your kid? What's a bigger disappointment: Not getting it at all? Or having it in his/her hot little hand and it not working? And most importantly, Are you gonna post a picture of the malfunctioning Hatchimal on your Facebook page?

Or are you gonna keep that part to yourself?

Tell Judi how you feel about your Hatchimal, whether it hatches or not, on Twitter @DennisandJudi and @NJ1015.

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