What better way to celebrate American Independence than with the British invasion?

Janus Films has just announced the re-release of the Beatles first movie “A Hard Days Night” to be broadcast July 4th in London and select cities in the US.

The Beatles' first movie has been digitally restored from the film's original negative, and the soundtrack remixed and remastered.

What makes this movie so great, along with its hilarity is how close it was to what was really going on with “Beatlemania” at the time. The film also features 6 songs that were new for the film back then that sound just as fresh when you hear them today.


Terry Fincher / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A Hard Days Night was also very much different from the Elvis movies where he played a heroic character, or te Alan Freed films where their was a kid story wit the acts inserted/ A Hard Days Night was the Beatles playing themselves laughing and joking and sarcastically dealing with all that was going on around them.

The film was shot for just $500,000, it went on to gross more than $12 million. It was nominated for two Oscars: one for Alun Owen and Walter Shenson's script, and another for George Martin's score.  The film stands as one of the best rock movies of all time.  What’s your all time favorite rock movie?