The winter of 2014 has gone berzerk with yet another round of snow yesterday.  Have faith, spring is on the way.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

My sister who lives in southern California told me she is tired of the heat and humidity.  She would love to build a snowman.

I reminded her about the realities.

She forgets about having to drive in the snow and ice, and of course, the shoveling.

So, I did some digging.  No pun intended.  I wanted to see how close we are to spring, here, in New Jersey.

Here's something to really cheer you up.  Daylight saving time starts three weeks from today at 2am on March 9th!

The first day of spring, March 20th, is 31 days away.  I know that seems like an eternity but March 1st happens a week from next Saturday.

On March 20th there's lots more daylight.  Sunset is at 7:09pm.

You don't have to be a sports fan to know that baseball spring training is officially underway.  Within the next couple of weeks live spring training baseball games will be on TV.

A month from next Saturday, on March 22nd, the regular baseball season kicks off when the D-Backs and Dodgers play for real in Sydney Australia.

I'm trying not to steal Alan Kasper's "thunder" with some meteorological information.  The daily high temperatures during March range from an average high of 46 degrees during the beginning of the month to 56 degrees at the end of the month.

And with the mountains of snow everywhere, it's hard to believe that the same mother nature who delivered all this white stuff will put those beautiful yellow blooms on the forsythia bushes in just a matter of weeks.

Us Jerseyites are tough.  All we have to do is tough it out for just a little while longer.

We're in the seventh inning of winter.  We're in the home stretch.