The ghost of a former beloved employee haunted the building today in honor of Halloween, which made all of our equipment fail.  He definitely had a sense of humor and is missed by us all.

The music hour included  chick songs laden with plenty of B.A.V. (if you missed what that means, you snooze you lose.) But at least according to TMZ, it's the holy trinity.

Do people who wear monacles leave the monacle on while engaging in intimacy with their lovers? We pondered this question..never really got to the bottom of it, but one thing's for sure, removing it beforehand will prevent any accidental loss of said monacle or inadvertent lodging of it in orafices. (orafi?)

We asked if you've ever had an ex with an axe. i.e., someone who couldn't get over you 'cause you're so fabulous. 

Bill Doyle of "Deminski & Doyle" mocks me for my habit of saying, "Love You!" to everyone as a unilateral greeting. I think he harbors a secret wish that I will say it to him and only him.

Oh, and producer Scott Taylor got snarky with me today. So I got snarky back. Then we kissed and made up, he's so cute. The big lug!

Not New York, Not Philadelphia, not particularly interesting either.

Love you! Judi