Tonight's Late Show lineup goes a little something like this.

Never got to this one, and I’m dying to hear what you have to say about it.

Do you feel that the “grow your own Pot-Guy” John Ray Wilson…the guy with MS from Somerset… should be granted clemency….since he, at least in my opinion, falls under the heading of non violent drug offender?

And the Governor says that while he won’t grant him clemency, he doesn’t want the implementation of the medical marijuana law to become a shield for recreational users and a de facto legalization of marijuana.

Go online…take the poll….about changes to the Anti-Bullying Law…do you think it’s gonna help. There are changes such as a different source of funding to implement the guidelines set forth in the law. The guidelines are pretty in depth, and will add to the amount of paperwork that schools and districts have to do. But now that the monetary aspects of this have been worked out somewhat, do you still feel we need this?

Is there a dispute in your family over a will?

Whitney Houston’s Lawyer Says Will is a “Straightforward” Case…her daughter gets everything? Her brother and her ex get ‘oh gotz!’

Companies are cutting down on the barest of bare necessities. Is your company skimping on things like bottled water, coffee, paper towels, and toilet paper…don’t be surprised because since the economy is still in the tank…lots of business are skimping and so is the government. Like the City of Trenton…there’s no TP for the full of s#!t lawmakers.

Are you still unemployed…even though we hear that NJ gained 13,300 jobs in January; unemployment steady at 9 percent!

Gas is becoming a precious commodity these days. More and more drivers are reporting that their gas is being stolen. Are you locking up your gas…Drivers all over the place are doing it. Or maybe you’re storing more gas.

Ocean City is a tony town along the Shore. However, it’s been a dry town for years. Do you feel that Ocean City should stay dry?

Do you like the charm of a dry town or do you think that OC should get with the times and allow BYOB’s to exist.

And Classic Guido Tuneage for movie tickets…at 2!