Once again Governor Christie’s weight has become a topic of conversation. In the aftermath of his hysterical David Letterman appearance, people are talking about the governor’s weight.

Governor Christie in Union Beach (Tim Larsen, Governor's Office)

A former White House doctor is worried,  fifteen per cent of poll respondents to a Quinnipiac survey say they are less likely to vote for an overweight or obese person.  Even Christie himself admits he’s trying to shed the extra pounds,


This weight problem could be a golden opportunity for both the Governor and the state of New Jersey if he were to decide to run for president. Imagine if Governor Christie went on a “Jersey” diet, eating only foods that were grown in the Garden State. It’s food from the garden that helps you lose the weight in the first place.

Imagine Governor Christie publicly fighting obesity the Jersey way with a problem that everyone of us can relate to. Every time he made an appearance, people would want to see how he’s doing. Once they tune in, he can get his message out.

While Mayor Bloomberg fights sugary soda, Governor Christie would be taking a bite out of the big apple for nutritional purposes. He could even do it to raise money for his Sandy NJ relief fund.


This man has the discipline to take on the toughest issues facing New Jersey on a daily basis. Surely he has the discipline to take off the weight he needs to the Jersey way. Once  he wins this very public battle, I can’t think of anything else that could stand in his way.