After predicting a much larger shortfall a few weeks ago, the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services is now projecting a much smaller shortfall for fiscal year 2011.

Governor Christie isn't impressed.

During a visit to Haddonfield high school, Christie said OLS boss David Rosen said last month the shortfall was 542 million dollars,

"Which means he was wrong by more than 50 percent - so lets' give him another month - it'll probably be down to a hundred million. I wish that OLS would stop playing politics."

When Christie was asked his reaction to the prediction made by Dr. Rosen, he said, "How was he 280 million dollars wrong- in a month? And what's his number going to be next month when he writes another politically motivated memo…It's crazy to try to put out a guesstimate…There's 5 different taxes that we still don't even have the receipts for- for fiscal year 2012 - so I don't know how he comes to that conclusion."

He added, "Tax cuts are first on my list - so yeah, we can still afford a tax cut. They should pass it now- if they did, we'd be creating more jobs than we're creating - and make the state more competitive."

When asked if he was willing to wait to see what the revenue numbers will be in January, before endorsing some kind of state tax cut, the Governor said - basically - forget about it."

" No, no, no, I'm not willing to wait," said Christie, "Because the people shouldn't have to wait…The democrats believe that all wisdom emanates from government - they believe that if they say there shouldn't be a tax cut, well there shouldn't be a tax cut…In the end, I can't enact a tax cut- that's their call - they'll have to stand up to the people and justify it."

He also said, "Lets keep watching Dr. Rosen- the number will keep getting better- cause he doesn't have the first idea what he's talking about…Keep playing the games - nobody's paying attention - because they all know the numbers are made up."

Christie added, "542 to 253 - in a month - it's something to be proud of. I'm sure they're popping the champagne over there at OLS - how good they were- they got to within 290 million…it's a joke."

Courtesy Governor's Office