Later this evening, the eyes of the nation and the entire world will be on Governor Chris Christie, as he delivers the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

So how's he holding it together as he gets set to deliver the biggest, most important speech of his life?

"How will I feel? You never know for sure" says Christie, "Cause you've never been in this circumstance before- but I think I will be really, really pumped up…I don't think I get nervous for this type of thing - I think the appropriate word will be anxious - I'm going to be ready to go - like the horse in that gate.  Lets hear the bell let's open the gate and lets go… I'm going to be really excited, really jazzed up."

The Governor says his whole family - "Mary Pat , Andrew Sarah, Patrick Brigit will all be there, my dad will be there, my brother is a delegate…My sister can't make it though.  My sister Dawn has got 5 kids up here - she can't make it, so Dawn's going to be watching on TV."

Christie adds while he won't use the phrase The Jersey Comeback, he will be talking about what we've accomplished in the Garden State.

In the speech, the one thing he's determined to let the nation and the world know about Jersey is "these people are truth tellers - they're truth tellers - they're not afraid to tell the truth.  Whether it's in a small town hall meeting, whether it's in the checkout line in the grocery store, whether its on the soccer field on a Saturday afternoon, or whether it's at the Republican National Convention in front of millions of people…I understand that this is an enormous honor and I'm forever indebted to Governor Romney for giving me the chance to do this…it's going to be a great night."