Dennis and Judi have been saying for a few months now that they've been hoping that Governor Chris Christie would call in to the show soon. Well today, they got their wish.

Tim Larsen/Office of Governor Christie

The Governor surprised Dennis and Judi with an impromptu call into the show during the 10am hour.

After a long absence from the show, the governor said that he absolutely did not forget about his favorite radio duo and that even though he may not always be able to call in, he is always listening.

Governor Christie spent almost half an hour (even holding through a news and traffic break!) to catch up with Dennis and Judi. The governor fit right into the show talking about everything from property taxes to rice balls.

You can listen to the 3 separate audio segments of the governor's call with Dennis and Judi below.

Segment 1: Dennis and Judi discuss the governor's long absence from the show and what if Dennis ran against the Chris Christie for governor of NJ.

Segment 2 - The Governor discusses how he handles questions about his weight, what Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is like and the governor reveals who the most interesting person is that he has gotten to sit down and talk to.


Segment 3 - In the final segment, the Governor addresses what he would do in a second term if he is re-elected to continue progress towards making New Jersey liveable and avoid NJ residents moving out of state. The governor also discusses how he manages to avoid the major political pitfalls that many previous local politicians have fallen into after getting into office.