National politics took center stage during the question and answer session of Governor Christie's town hall in Morris County Wednesday.

"Will you share your ideas with President Obama" asked Domenic, a boy from East Hanover.

Christie said he has spoken with the President many times and while they disagree more than they agree, "He is the President...and we only have one at a he definitely gets my respect."

The governor said he mentions policies during speeches and hopes Obama is listening.

"We talked a lot during his visit to New Jersey after Hurricane Irene and we shared a lot of ideas back and forth..and this goes back to working together in a bipartisan have to be able to passionately argue your position and then come together to fix the problem."

Another woman asked Christie his favorite question, which he recently joked in a video that he's tired of answering.

"Will you ever run for President...because we need you" asked Nancy from Hopewell.

Christie was coy with his response.

"You never know where life is going to bring I'm not going to say yes, but I won't say no either...all I know is that I'll try and make the best decisions I can when opportunities and challenges present themselves to me."