The bureaucrats and politicians can't get out of their own way.  In another stark reminder of how broken the system is here in the Garden State, developer Glenn Straub was thwarted again from moving forward with his development plans for the disaster called the "Revel."

This time it was pushback for his lack of a landscaping plan.  Have you seen the property around the Revel?!?  It's full of run down buildings and vacant lots.  ANYTHING Mr. Straub does will be an improvement.

Beyond that the government has stuck its nose in AC's business for the past 40 plus years and the city has nothing to show for it except unemployment, poverty and crime.

Now we have a bona fide developer willing to spend tens of millions to invest in the project that he already spent $82 million to buy and the bureaucrats find a way to slow progress once again.  It's time for government to get out of the way of private investors in the former resort destination and let the market help AC return to its former glory.

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