Jason Pierre Paul had said that the Eagles and Cowboys should realize that the path to the division title goes through MetLife Stadium.

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I wonder if he was warning them again during the Cowboys final drive at Metlife Stadium. Tony Romo had more than 7 seconds to find a receiver on more than one occasion as he was driving his team to a 31-28 come from behind victory.

This once proud defense, that had not only stopped Tom Brady on two final Super Bowl drives and even intercepted Romo on the final play of a playoff game in 2007, couldn’t rise to the occasion Sunday night in their own stadium. Eli Manning, played like he once did in those famous games, and brought his team back to take the lead with just about 3 minutes left.

I find it ironic that the man who scored the go ahead touchdown was Adrien Robinson. Robinson is a 4th round draft choice whom Jerry Reese once referred to as the “Jason Piere Paul of tight ends” but Robinson hasn’t been able to get on the field. I think with the way Pierre Paul has been rushing the quarterback this year, he may be the Adrien Robinson of defensive ends.

I keep hearing about how much better Paul is defending the run. When you want the big money like Pierre Paul does in this his contract year, you do both or you just stop warning people. At this point, it's embarrassing.