There's no reason ever for a man to hit a woman, and New York Giants kicker Josh Brown has admitted doing just that on multiple occasions in e-mails,  personal journal entries, and counseling entries, according to an report citing police documents. He basically laid it all out to friends and family as part of his counseling. He even talked about being a sexual deviant and his thoughts on whether he felt his kids would feel safe with him, the New York Post reports.

The NFL, after investigating the incidents, suspended Brown for one game for violating the leagues personal conduct policy, even though the league policy is six games. The Giants, after conducting their own investigation, concluded that Brown, who is undergoing counseling, could remain on the team, reports?

Should he remain on the team? It's a good question. Another is this: How protected are people who admit their wrongdoing through counseling? It seems to me that these admissions, which later became police evidence, were born from a man trying to make amends.

Once you write letters to third parties like friends, you make yourself vulnerable. What Josh Brown did was wrong and if he truly feels that it's OK to abuse women, there is no place in society for him. But if he truly is trying to get help as evidenced through this counseling work product, then he deserves a second chance. Otherwise what's the point for anyone to turn their life around?

Ray Rice was suspended from the NFL for punching his then-fiance in an elevator, when the attack was caught on tape. It changed the way the NFL views domestic violence to the point where it has now established a mandatory six-game suspension policy and runs domestic violence commercials during its games. Rice, who has turned his life around, has been eligible to return to the league but has never been able to get back in. That's also doing harm to his now wife as they continue to pay for his mistake.

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