New Jersey residents will have to make yet another choice as the presidential election draws near, it turns out the second debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take place Sunday, October 9th, right up against the week five clash between the Giants and Green Bay Packers.

Now I understand the separation between church and state, but this game taking place at Lambeau Field (say it in your best John Facenda voice) is as close as you can come to a religious experience as the NFL can provide. I, for one, will be personally in that church worshiping with my fellow road tripping Giants fans, I'm also expecting most of North Jersey Giants fans (as well as South Jersey Eagles) fans to be tuned in to “Football Night in America.” Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if the candidates were being fed the score as well.

By the way, the NFL could have scheduled a different game in that slot since the debate schedule was decided last September by a bipartisan commission, but they're not going to let a little thing like a presidential debate stand between them and ratings dollars, nor should they.

Perhaps the committee should not have been so ambitious to schedule a little thing like a presidential debate against the juggernaut known as the NFL. Then again, with all the commercials they will run during that game, you could probably squeeze in a lot of the debate anyway. Or you could just DVR it.

Who would you rather see back peddling: Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers, or Trump and Clinton?

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