NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke with Governor Chris Christie and afterwards decided that the Giants Steelers game would be played. Forget about all the Giants fans who were digging out from the rubble of Sandy. Those who lost their homes and couldn’t get to the game, also lost the price of their tickets. Have you seen the price of Giants tickets?  We’re not talking pocket change.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

What we’re talking is the big money picture that is the NFL. This game was played because it was the CBS national game. The money was already made nationally and commercials were already bought. That game was going to be played no matter what. As for those who couldn’t make it, or see it on TV, too bad, what’s important to the NFL is that the game was played and the money was made.  The NFL and Giants did invite some first responders to the game, which was a nice gesture, I think a nicer gesture would be to refund the ticket price to all those who couldn’t make it for storm related reasons.


If you did go to the game and you wanted water, you paid 5 dollars a bottle. There was no NJ transit which meant no shuttle train from Secaucus. The Giants did offer free parking and free shuttle service to and from the stadium at two satellite   locations: the parking lot at the Secaucus train station (675 New County Road at Seaview Drive, 4.5 miles from the stadium) and at 20 Murray Hill Parkway in Rutherford (1.5 miles from stadium).

Lines at the box office were wrapped around the stadium as people waited for reprinted tickets. Most Giants fans didn’t have their hearts in the game and from the way the Giants played it didn’t look like they didn’t either.   .

If this was the NFL’s way of lifting the spirits of those ravaged by Sandy, they fell way short. Just like they cancelled the New York City marathon, they should have either postponed this game or moved it to Pittsburgh just like they did when the Saints post Katrina home game was moved to Giants stadium.   What do you think regardless of the score?