Most of us hope the Giants will play great in the Super Bowl.  One thing's for sure, they will look great!

At the Super Bowl kickoff the Giant's uniforms will look pristine.  Without giving it too much thought, I would assume that their jerseys would be washed somewhere in MetLife Stadium.  My assumption was wrong.  Since way back in 1982 a mom and pop operation in Rutherford named Park Cleaners has been responsible for maintaining Big Blue's uniforms.  Oh, by the way, they perform the same service for the Jets and the Eagles!  I use the word "maintain" because they do a lot more than just clean the uniforms.  The folks at Park Cleaners make alterations on every player's uniform for a perfect fit.  They also sew up the rips and even sew on the Super Bowl patches.  And sew on and sew on.  I couldn't resist that one.  The owners of Park Cleaners, Barry and Kathie Barone, with assistance from their daughter-in-law, Jennifer, put in some 14 hour days of blood, sweat and tears to make the Giants, Jets, and Eagles so very happy to remove the blood, sweat, and grass stains from their get ups.  I hope that Eli, Tom Coughlin, or whomever picks up the gear this week doesn't forget the claim ticket.