State officials are gearing up for Election Day tomorrow.

Lee Moore, a spokesman for the Jersey Attorney General's office says "we will have approximately 200 Deputy Attorneys General assigned tomorrow - working throughout the state…to ensure the right to vote is protected…to the extent that there are any disputes over an individual's ability to vote - that need to go before a judge- our Deputies are there to represent the state in that manner."

He says the A-G's office is committed "to ensuring that the right to vote is protected and at the same time that any potential legal issues around the voting are resolved…we'll have people on duty from 6 a.m. when the polls open until 8 p.m. when they close."

Moore adds people need to remember "it is a criminal offense to solicit or electioneer voters as they enter or exit a polling establishment -the protective zone extends 100 feet from the outside entrance of the polling place…any attempts to unlawfully interfere with voters within this area are typically handled by appropriate law enforcement officers."

Bob Giles, the Director, of the New Jersey Division of Elections says before heading out to cast your ballot tomorrow, "you can go to our website to see if you're registered to vote prior to going to the polls - you can find your polling place by going to our website."

Click here to go to that website.

He says his Division has been working hard "to promote and get the word out that there is an election tomorrow and that if you want to be heard, that's the way to be heard."

Giles also points out "if somebody is not able to vote tomorrow, they do have until 3 o'clock today- the day before the election - to go to their county clerk's office and get a vote by mail ballot."