Is this what’s it’s come to - anything you WEAR can and will be used against you? What's even worse, is that apparently anything your relatives wear can be held against you as well.

Francis Schmidt, a professor of Arts and Animation at Bergen Community College, is on leave without pay after posting a picture of his daughter wearing a "Game of Thrones" T-shirt, Inside Higher Ed reported.

The picture was posted on google plus, and was seen by Jim Miller, who is the executive director for human resources at the college.  Miller asked Schmidt to meet with him and two other administrators over the "threatening email." Schmidt believes he was targeted after filing a grievance against the college after he was passed up for a sabbatical.

Are we now at  the point where we are so paranoid that we can’t wear tee shirts with show slogans? Should Miller be reinstated immediately with an apology? Should he be able to sue the school? Will being in this picture later have an effect on his daughters future?

In case you've never seen Game of Thrones, and are confused about the slogan on the shirt, here is the trailer for the most recent season of the show.

But wait there’s more…

The faculty at Bergen Community College is in open conflict with the administration. The faculty union cast a no-confidence vote in college President B. Kaye Walter earlier this month, citing a lack of communication between her office and the faculty.

Would YOU suspend a Bergen Community college professor because his daughter posed wearing a Game of Thrones tee shirt?