A New Jersey woman is suing her former employer after she says she was reportedly forced into duping buyers into believing that they were buying high end salmon from Scotland but instead were getting a catch from Chile. Forget the lawsuit, as we may have found we may have found the ultimate solution to this issue.

Denise Chadwick of Clifton filed her lawsuit in US District Court in Newark that her employers forced her to dupe buyers into thinking they were buying prized Scottish smoked salmon when they weren't.

To save the court's and everyone else's time, we suggest solving this issue by taking a page out of the Monty Python Handbook.  There was a skit entitled the 'Fish Slapping Dance' and we suggest Denise and her former employer get together and work out their issues as highlighted in the video above.

What do you think? Wouldn't the 'fish-slapping' dance save everyone a lot of time and money?