According to the Pew Internet and American Life survey as reported in the Washington Post, 15 percent of Americans don't use the Internet, and an additional 9 percent only use it away from home.

While I didn't get my first computer (and then went online) until 1995 when I was in my thirties, I really can't imagine life without it now. Recently, a credit card I have eliminated paying at their site so I had to write a check and I literally couldn't remember the last time I wrote a check; we also didn't have any stamps. There used to be a magazine called Yahoo Internet Life and in every issue, they would compare doing a task the "old" way versus the "'net" way. In almost every scenario, the 'net way won; it made things like paying bills or ordering flowers easier. I'm sure the 15 percent feel their lives are full and complete without Internet access, but I can't see myself sitting down with pen and paper to write out a longhand letter. Do you know anyone who refuses to use the Internet?