FEMA Spokesperson Darell Habisch was on the air with Jim (11/13) to update NJ on FEMA's continuing efforts to help the state recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Allison Joyce, Getty Images

Darrell Habisch has been keeping everyone updated as new FEMA shelters open up across the state but today his interview with Jim had a different message: Beware of scammers. Now that things are settling down a bit, this is around the time when most scam artists start to pick up. Most scam artists begin to play on peoples' frustrations by saying that they know how to "speed up the process" and get someone help quicker.
Habisch went on to say that this is the time when you have to look out for your parents, neighbors and the elderly because these scammers, will prey upon the elderly or those in dire need. You also must keep an eye out for fraudulent contractors, specifically ones who request money up front. If you have any hesitations or concerns, you should call the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs and check out a business and ensure they are licensed before allowing them to do any work and especially giving them any down payment. The number to call is 800-242-5846.

FEMA is trying to have everyone avoid any unfortunate setbacks besides the ones already incurred from Hurricane Sandy.  If you have not set up a claim yet from FEMA, they urge you to drop by one of their centers across NJ or by registering online, at DISASTERASSISTANCE.GOV or also, by calling FEMA's hotline at 1-800-621-FEMA

You can listen to the entire interview with Jim by clicking the audio player below.