A couple of different angles concerning fast food joints and faith.

From one point of view, a 2 year old Bible study class that was being held for homeless people at a McDonald's in Camden was told it was no longer welcome because of some complaints
Admittedly, were I to go to a McDonald’s, I don’t think I’d be too put out by a Bible study class being held there but that’s just me!
Personally, I don’t really think it’s the right setting for a Bible Study class, although from what I’ve learned back in Our Lady of Grace in Brooklyn, Jesus went to minister to whomever needed him where ever he could find them.

So if it were to be a McDonald’s, I guess that's where you’d find Him.

However, if you look at it from another point of view, in today’s “I’m offended by everything and anything” climate, he’d have to attend to the sick etc. perhaps in the back of a Barnes and Noble.

But I digress.

Christian ministry leader Dawn Martinez was told she could no longer hold the twice-a-week Bible studies she has taught for homeless people for the last two years inside a McDonald's in Camden, N.J. A night manager at the fast food restaurant told her last week that a customer had filed a complaint. Martinez wonders if it could have been because of the topic briefly discussed at one point last Monday – the Muslim faith.

On Wednesday, Martinez was told the bad news by the manager right as the small group was about to sit down at the table.

"She was really nice about it but she says, 'I know that you have been giving Bible studies for a long time but we've had a complaint.' She didn't tell me what happened, but she said there was a complaint and that we cannot have our Bible studies there anymore," she explained.
Martinez asked the manager for the reason the meetings were no longer acceptable at that McDonaId's restaurant.

"She said, 'Well you are a Christian and there's other people of other faiths and so people are getting offended.' She said, 'I'm really sorry, but that's just the way it is.' I had to cancel the Bible study."

Martinez said she believes someone of Islamic faith was there Monday evening and may have been offended enough to make a complaint.

This coming Monday, Martinez plans to show up at McDonald's to make sure her regular attendees know what is going on, and if necessary meet at a local park. McDonald's was not contacted for this story because Martinez still hopes to get answers from the restaurant's management.

She is not sure about how to proceed with her ministry now that they're not allowed to gather in their regular meeting place.


Here’s my opinion:

McDonald’s is a business, first and foremost. They’re not in the business of promoting one faith over another, nor of espousing any one particular religious viewpoint, unlike the folks at Chick-fil-A, according to another report.
But in the end, do you feel the management of the McDonald’s was right in banning the church group from having Bible studies classes in it’s restaurant?