Election Day is almost here.  It's time for everyone to get informed and decide which candidate is gonna get your vote.

For the past couple years, we've had the honor of hosting Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno for regular segments of #DigginInWithKim. Since she became a candidate for governor, she's also agreed to spend time in the morning talking with voters and answering questions about what she would do if elected.

Of course, in the interest of balance and equal time, we've reached out repeatedly to her Democratic opponent, Phil Murphy, but he's refused to come on the show.

The battle lines are drawn over two key issues. The first is whether New Jersey should become a "sanctuary state," which would compromise the ability of local law enforcement to get criminal aliens off the streets and out of our communities. It's very simple. Phil Murphy was asked the question, and instead of separating criminals from dreamers and other hard-working immigrants who may have overstayed their legal visas, he lumped everyone together, saying he'd have their backs.

The answer was an affront to law enforcement and legal immigration advocates. It also gave Kim an opening to run ads reminding voters of just how out of step Murphy's ideology is compared to average NJ Democrats:

The second main issue is on the question of whether New Jersey needs higher or lower taxes in order to restore fiscal responsibility to government and help make NJ more affordable again. On this count, Murphy's solution is just as radical. In the highest-taxed state in the union, with among the worst business climate, Murphy has promised time and again that he will in fact raise taxes.

What's worse is the promised 1.3 billion in new taxes which will hit all incomes, from the marijuana tax to small business employers with new business taxes. What's disastrous is that the number doesn't come close to paying for the tens of billions that the candidate has promised to spend if elected.

Where's all the money coming from? He wouldn't answer even that simple question in either of the two debates. Kim, on the other hand, has repeatedly called for lower taxes on the middle and working class and businesses in order to create the prosperity we need to help families make ends meet.

It's a simple choice. If you're ready to pay more and truly believe that higher taxes are the solution to New Jersey's economic and fiscal woes, then Murphy is your guy.

If, however, you've been taxed to your limit and are planning your exit strategy, then Kim is your clear choice.

You decide. Time's almost up.

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