We knew when my mother in law smacked up her late model Hyundai about a year and a half ago, it was time.

Time that we were going to have to step up and schlep her around from place to place instead of inflicting her driving skills (or lack thereof) onto the rest of Ocean County.

And she was only 83!

Some elderly claim to still have the skills to drive well into their 90’s.

And God forbid you ever bring up the possibility of retesting.

That one never goes over well.

But at some point, you have to realize that “too old is too old!” despite how well you think you can drive!

Don’t you feel that someone that’s 100 should have given up his license a long time ago?

According to this:

A 100-year-old driver sped onto the sidewalk outside of a South Los Angeles elementary school Wednesday and plowed into several students and adults — seriously injuring at least four children, according to authorities.

The driver, identified as Preston Carter, said he was backing out of a parking lot on his way home when the accident occurred around 2:30 p.m., KABC-TV reported. School had just let out for the day at Main Street Elementary School.

“I lost control of the car,” Carter said. “The brakes failed, I think. I’m sorry.”

The Los Angeles Police Department said Carter was being cooperative, although declined to say if he faces any charges.

CBS 2 reported that he turns 101 years old next week.

So, he going to blame the car.

Is it possible that maybe he didn’t press down hard enough on the brake pedal.

I mean, so many things could have gone awry…and compounding it is the fact that Mr. Carter is 100.

No….wait, 101 next week!

I rest my case!