NEWARK — A man who unsuccessfully sought to withdraw his guilty plea in the strangulation death of his pregnant wife has been sentenced to 16 years in state prison.

Babatope Owoseni, 36, must serve nearly 14 years before he becomes eligible for parole. He continued to maintain his innocence during Friday's hearing.

The East Orange resident claims he wasn't given certain materials by his former attorney before he pleaded guilty last year to aggravated manslaughter in the December 2013 killing of 26-year-old Fatoumata Owoseni.

But a state judge ruled last month that the 36-year-old Owoseni understood the terms of the plea agreement and that his plea was "knowing and voluntary."

Authorities say Owoseni's wife was nine months pregnant when she was killed, and the unborn child died as a result of the attack.

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