“Jersey Boys,” the movie based off the Broadway play about the Four Seasons opened this weekend. It took 4th place at the box office, making $13.5 million. 

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

The Clint Eastwood directed flick contains some of the cast from the original play. Donnie Kehr who plays Norm Waxman in the film, was the first to play the role in the original Broadway production. He has also played gangster Gyp De Carlo in the LaJolla production. Christopher Walken will be playing De Carlo's role in the movie.

When Kehr was asked if he had given Walken any advice on how to play the role, he told AXS “No Way! He’s f***ing Christopher Walken!”

You'll be able to hear more inside information about 'Jersey Boys' tonight at 9:30 when Donnie Kehr calls into my show.