We may be losing another Jersey icon. The Star Ledger is threatening to shut down by the end of the year unless its labor force gives back 9 million dollars.


Flickr User Ollie Crawford

The newspaper business has been taking hits since they put their product on line for free. So many good newspaper people have either left or accepted buyouts to move onto other communication mediums like radio and television. I’ve seen a lot of good friends of mine lose or leave the job that they loved. For many, the newspaper business isn’t a job, it’s a calling and it would be a shame to see another paper shut down.

Is the threat real? Who knows? Ask Hostess, whose labor disputes ended up closing them down and costing us Twinkies which were only recently brought back after another company bought them.

If the Star Ledger goes, it will sorely be missed. It’s the newspaper I grew up reading, in fact among it’s many readers Tony Soprano. Like Tony, I would go out to the driveway in Marlboro and get the paper out of it’s plastic mailbox to get all my New York Giants info from Dave Klein and Yankee info from his brother Moss.  I still always go to the sports pages first. Now you simply go online. How do you get your news?