When I was growing up, every guy my age had a thing for Jessica Alba and Britney Spears (except for when she was going through her bald phase). The girls all loved Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

The times have changed and the music and Hollywood landscape has changed, and so have the "hottest celebrities" in the world.The most common celebrity chicks I hear guys talk about now are Katy Perry, Beyonce and Eva Mendes. Most women I know have a thing for Bradley Cooper and an unhealthy obsession with Channing Tatum (especially after the release of the movie 'Magic Mike'). What about the celebrities that everyone doesn't talk about? Some famous attractive people that fly under the radar. What are some of your strange celebrity attractions, and why? Don't be ashamed!

Here are a few of mine:

Mila Kunis - Mila is very attractive, yes. But, I find it hilarious that she plays the voice of Meg on 'Family Guy', a character that is known throughout the television series as being the ugly duckling. Also, she's a hardcore video gamer, which I am not. But she breaks the mold of the stereotype you think of when you think of a gamer.


Alicia Keys - 90% of my attraction to her is her soulful voice. Not to mention, she's an extraordinary talented musician. While I think Alicia is very attractive, her immense talent makes her all that much more attractive.


Casey Anthony - And here is where you probably think this I'm joking. I already know Deminski & Doyle will knock me for this, and you probably will too. I think Casey Anthony is hot, okay. I'm not afraid to admit it. Yes, she counts as a celebrity because of her notoriety.

Who are some of your unusual celebrity crushes? Let us know in the comment section below.