We we discussing the cold this morning when I asked our News Director Eric Scott about a do-it-yourself project that he may be starting later today.

Eric has been having a problem with his generator and he thought the problem resided in the carburetor. Eric's plan was to take the small engine apart and attempt to clean the carburetor out to see if that would fix the problem.

The discussion led to Eric and I discussing how do-it-yourself projects don't always go as planned. You start out with the best of intentions, thinking it is a fairly simple task and sometimes you wind up with a disaster and hours spent trying to fix, or in some cases, making it worse.

Thankfully, a caller named Tommy from Manahawkin, made Eric aware of a cleaner that can be used to clear out gunk from the engine, that would normally take you hours to try and pull apart all the parts and clean them out by hand.

This is why I don't try too many do-it-yourself projects, I don't know where the shortcuts are. What projects have you done yourself? How did they turn out? Let us hear yoru stor